Guitar Lessons Geauga
Guitar Lessons Geauga
Teaching Guitar in Geauga County and Notheast Ohio for over 27 years, I have taught guitar lessons to 100's of students from all over Geauga County and North East Ohio including: Auburn, Bainbridge, Burton, Chardon, Chesterland, Claridon, Hambden, Huntsburg, Middlefield, Montville, Munson, Newbury, Parkman, Russell / Novelty,Thompson, and Troy.  I have also had students drive from Kinsman, Mentor, Mayfield, Painsville, and Lakewood.
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Newbury, Ohio 44065

So how do I get started?

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​​Ready to make some real progress with your guitar playing?

Are you:

Feeling stuck and finding yourself playing the same old things every time you pick up your guitar?

Trying to teach yourself but feel frustrated by your lack of progress?

Just beginning and not sure where to start   

​Have you played for years but are not able to put together what you have learned to be able to play an entire song or make what you can play sound good

Tired of the generic advice you get from the overwhelming amount of online resources

Feeling like you’re not getting better despite your best efforts?

​Struggling to find ways to fit meaningful practice time into your busy schedule?

It does not have to be this way!

If you are looking for guitar lessons in Geauga County / North East Ohio and said YES! to any of the above, then read on! You are not alone! Over the last 27, years I have helped many people who once felt frustrated with their playing and stuck in a rut overcome these obstacles and become great guitar players.

Many students struggle with eliminating the bad habits that develop from being self-taught or YouTube students. Don’t waste another minute of your practice time learning to play the wrong way!

At Guitar Lessons Geauga, you will learn what you need to do to break the cycle of frustration and make massive progress with your guitar playing. You will learn what skills you need to work on to be able to play the songs you love and the most effective ways to practice them. You will not only learn guitar faster; you are guaranteed to learn things the right way. 

Guitar Lessons Geauga offers friendly, encouraging instruction that will provide you with the guidance and support you need to master the guitar and have the confidence to play anything, anywhere, anytime.

Guitar Lessons Geauga


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Geauga County / North East Ohio's Premier Guitar Lessons

Before taking lessons with Guitar Lessons Geauga I had another teacher and playing guitar and practicing often felt like a chore I had to do. Now guitar lessons and practicing is fun and I have a lot more confidence in my playing.

Zach - Guitarist for Amaryllis and FrieghtLine 405

​Get A Highly Trained, Professional Guitar Instructor 

Guitar Lessons Geauga

If you are coachable, friendly, love playing guitar, and you have a burning desire to get better now, then you’ve got an excellent chance of surpassing your guitar goals. You will learn to play guitar faster than you ever thought you could while having a ton of fun.

My three sons have been talking lessons at Guitar Lessons Geauga for around eight years. Brian is very patient and kind with the kids and helps them in every way possible. All three of my boys are more advanced players then I ever thought they could be!

ThankYou -Gail and Jeff  

to These days you can spend months or even years wasting time and money on books, DVDs, and online resources and still not see much progress. There is so much information available it is hard to know where to start. I know what it’s like because when I started playing the guitar, I bought every book, video, and correspondence course I could find, hoping it would be the magic missing piece that would finally make the guitar make sense. I never did find that guitar holy grail in any book or video. I did not realize that I did not understand enough about the guitar to know how to judge what was good or bad.

What I needed was an expert who could guide me. After years of frustrating and slow progress, I finally found a teacher who could help me pinpoint all my bad habits and show me exactly what I needed to do to overcome them. This helped me make massive progress and made playing and practicing fun again. I learned that what I needed was not always more information but guidance and training on how to be creative with what I already knew. 

You can save a lot of time and avoid frustration when you study with an expert guitar instructor.

At Guitar Lessons Geauga, lessons are designed to give you the correct information to help you obtain the skills you need to play the music you love. You will learn how to apply the skills you learn and structure your practice schedule to get maximum results. I will be there to help you through every step of your musical journey and make sure you can use and understand everything you learn. Let me help you minimize the frustration and maximize your fun while you learn to play the guitar.

Brian Fish

Owner / Guitar Instructor

I took lessons at Guitar Lessons Geauga before I left  for the Atlanta School of Music. What I learned jump started me into a successful college experience along with a successful career in music that I have now.

- James (professional musician)

Unfortunately, most guitar teachers have zero training on how  and what to teach, which leads to students wasting their time and money on ineffective and outdated methods. When looking for a guitar teacher your first question should be, "How were you trained to teach?"

Guitar Lessons Geauga specializes in teaching guitar.  As a member of the EGTIC (an international professional organization of guitar teachers) I have learned proven methodology for helping students succeed. My top priority is helping my students reach and surpass their goals.

I am the only guitar teacher in Geauga County and Northeast Ohio with Elite Guitar Teacher Inner Circle training.  I study and train year-round under one of the world's leading guitar educators. Every year, I invest a substantial sum of time and money to ensure my students use the most effective, efficient, and up-to-date teaching methods.

​​What Sets Guitar Lessons Geauga Apart?

  • You will learn the right things in the correct order to help you acquire the skills you need to play the music you love

  • You will learn how to practice efficiently to get maximum results in the shortest period of time.

  • You will save time and money learning from an expert instructor.

  • You will have a dedicated instructor who truly cares about you and your success.

  • ​​Get immediate answers to your questions. No more wondering if you are on the right track.

  • Be trained and coached to overcome your frustrations faster so that can enjoy playing your guitar more.

  • Get highly qualified, results-driven instruction that guides you along the path to success.