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1. I'm Too Old To Learn How To Play The Guitar

This is a classic. Saying you are too old for something can have some truth in it. If you are 70 years old and want to be a virtuoso guitar player you may not have enough time for that.

I get people that are 50+ all the time and are not sure if they have enough time to learn how to play a few songs and be able to have fun at the next campfire at their cottage.

The reason most people believe this lie is because they think that learning to play the guitar takes many years of training.

The reality is that when you find a rally good guitar teacher that is properly trained to teach you can become proficient enough to play hundreds of songs in the matter of a few short months. Not years.

Age is not a handicap to learning how to play the guitar!

2. I Have No Musical Talent So I Can't Learn How To Play The Guitar

 This one is really popular with people and stems from faulty research.

 I know I was taught in school that we were born with innate skills and talents and if you were not born with them you would not be able to do certain things.

This was propagated through schools for years and years and is still held as true by many people.

Well it’s baloney. There is a lot of research that has shed light on this and totally refutes the "born with skill" theory. And this applies to music and guitar.

Fact is skill and talent is learned. The ones that seem to be born with it simply started developing it much sooner than you or I did or for whatever reason they were able to learn it faster.

It’s the law of averages. In a large population some people will learn to play the guitar much faster than others and not struggle, while others are the opposite.

However, people at both ends of the spectrum can learn any skill they want if they find good instruction and put the time in to learn.

3. I Tried To Learn Guitar Before But I Failed So I Know I Can’t Do It

This is probably the most popular lie I have heard people tell themselves so far.

A lot of people try to teach themselves, or get a friend show them a few things or many even get a teacher to show them how to play.

The majority of the people who try to learn how to play the guitar fail initially and you may be one of them.

The problem is that most people think they failed because it is somehow their fault. Maybe they were not smart enough or musical enough or not born with a gift.

They assume that the teacher they had or the method they used works well for everyone, except them. This is where they are completely wrong.

There may be a small minority that failed because they did not try or commit to it like they should, but the rest of them likely failed because they used the wrong method or teacher.

If you seek out and find a professionally trained guitar teacher. Someone who has specific training on how to teach people to play the guitar, you will probably get a different result.

Most of the people who once failed to learn will be surprised to find out they are not the problem and they CAN learn how to play the guitar.

3 Lies People Tell Themselves So They Never Learn How To Play The Guitar
By Maurice Richard


Don't Allow Those Lies To Take Root And Commit To Learning How To Play The Guitar

Unless you are severely handicapped you can definitely learn how to play the guitar.

It may not go fast, and it may not be easy, but if you are determined to do it you can learn and develop the skills you need to play the guitar.

The most important thing you can do to help yourself succeed is to find a professionally trained guitar teacher that has experience and proof that they can help you.

They will know exactly what to teach you, how, and when so that you progress but are not overwhelmed and ultimately learn how to play the guitar the way you want to!

About The Author:
Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a member of an elite guitar teaching mentorship program since 2007 and has taught many people how to learn to play the guitar. Go to his website so you can avoid other myths and lies about learning to play the guitar.

Learning how to play the guitar is one of the coolest things you can do on this planet. Think about it for a minute. The music in our culture is predominantly driven by guitar, no matter what the genre is. Who is the popular person at the campfire or at the kitchen party? The guitar player of course. There are so many benefits to learning how to play the guitar beyond the spotlight. So why do I hear so many people lie to themselves about why they can’t actually learn how to play it.

Here are 3 of the lies people tell themselves that keep them from learning how to play the guitar and what you can do to avoid them.