Before I started lessons I was

 worried that learning the guitar

 was going to be really hard but

 I found lessons with Mr. Fish to

 be lots of fun. I have learned to

 play a lot of chords, read music

 and how to transpose music to

 fit a singers  vocal range. I am now learning to play other  guitarist's lead parts and how to write my own lead lines. I am  able to use all of these skills in my church's youth band. Mr. Fish  is a great teacher and makes learning guitar fun.                                                                                        -Joshua List

I have taken guitar lessons from Mr. Fish for many years. 
Mr. Fish is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun too.
Besides learning the fundamentals (all my chords, scales
and apeggios etc.) Mr. Fish has helped me learn songs I like
such as Cliffs of Dover- Eric Johnson, I'm Alright - Neil Zaza,
All For You - Sister Hazel. I enjoy coming to my lesson each
week and am still excited to be learning new things on the guitar
​.-Kyle Dobies

 Before taking lessons with Mr. Fish I had another teacher and thought that playing the

 guitar and practicing were a chore that I had to do. Now guitar lessons are fun and I

 have a lot more confidence in my guitar playing. Every lesson is interesting and I have

 learned a lot. I now know all the notes on the guitar neck and know how to use scales

 and arpeggios to create my own solos.

                                                              -Zach Moormeier                                                              

​   I noticed a big change in my son’s practice habits once he began lessons with 

Brian Fish. He practiced more and has since taken up the bass guitar and drums. The more he works with Brian the more he loves music. Brian quickly learned where my son’s abilities were and then tailored the lessons to keep taking him to the next step. Unlike some teachers who just teach songs, Brian teaches the fundamentals too. Zach doesn't just learn information,  he learns how to really use the things he is working on and how to apply them to the songs he is working on. -Matt Moormeier (Zach's Dad)

When I came to Mr. Fish to learn to

  play bass guitar I had no

experience at  all. Three years later, I

 have learned  more than I ever thought

 I could and I  can play better than I

 ever thought I'd  be able to. Taking

 lessons from Brian  fueled my love for

 music and it made  me want to learn

 more about my  instrument.






​                      .



               -Sam O'Connell


 I owned my guitar two years before I began taking lessons from Brian.  I had looked up tabs on the internet,

followed along with free online courses and watched countless YouTube videos.  After all that time I still was not

comfortable  with my playing and considered myself an absolute beginner. After just a few months of lessons with

Brian, I am much more confident and proficient.  I am even starting to learn some riffs and songs by ear. The great

thing about Brian, is  that while he has specific things that you need to learn, he does not shove them at you in

scales and memorization, nor does he only teach you just songs.  He incorporates the style of music or songs you

want to learn along with theory and things you should learn into the lesson.  He also is flexible enough that if you

come in with a problem on  something you’ve been working on or a question about something completely different, he can change gears and work on that with you.The best thing about taking a lesson, as opposed to watching

YouTube or just reading tabs, is that he can answer questions about proper finger placement, alternate fingering or

strum patterns that aren’t always clear. He can break down a difficult part for you and show you ways to practice it

so that it is manageable. On more than one occasion I had parts I struggled with and Brian showed me techniques

on how to overcome my difficulties.

When I started playing, I played only semi-regularly and felt like I would never be good at the guitar.  Even when I started lessons, some weeks I didn’t practice that much.  But after going to lessons regularly now for months, I’ve

suddenly reached a tipping point, where I am playing daily and it doesn’t feel like a chore.  I lay in bed at night or

sometimes even wake up thinking about playing.  While I am still no expert, Brian has guided me toward being an

actual guitar player, not just a wannabe guitar player.

-Paddy Mulloy

  I had lessons at

 another music store

 and was just learning  notes and found it very

 boring. When I started

 taking lessons with

 Brian I realized learning

 guitar can be fun. I am

 now playing entire

 songs and am getting

 much better at

 managing my practice

 time. Lessons are fun

 and I now want to

 practice Brian goes out

 of his way to help me

 reach my musicals


   - Holly Finzel​

 I took lessons from Brian Fish before I left 

 for the Atlanta School of Music. I needed

 help understanding the theory behind music

 and how music is created.What I learned

 jump started me into a successful college

 experience along with a successful career

 in music that I do now. Experienced or

 beginner, Brian understands the fundamentals all the way  up to the most

 advanced parts of music theory and helped me make sense of them. I

 also learned proper techniques which helped me be an all around better

 musician in the classroom and on stage.

                                                                     -James McGurer

I had learned a few things from my cousin before taking lessons with Mr. Fish but I still couldn't play much on the guitar. Now I am able to play full songs with bar chords, do chord melody arrangements, and play some intricate classical songs (pick style). I have also started to play guitar for Sunday school classes at my church. My guitar playing has improved a lot since I started lessons with Mr Fish and I love the fact that he keeps lessons fun too

 - Caleb Dyck.

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I took guitar lessons from Brian Fish for roughly ten  

years from age 6 to 16, and he instilled within me a  

lifelong love for guitar. I have often told other musicians 

how great he was, as he was able to adapt to the way I  

learned and help me form a style of my own.Different

from other instructors, he taught me in a way that left 

room for me to improvise, grow, and write my own 

music. He is a patient and extremely skilled teacher, his instruction is a huge part of why I still love music so much today, and I would recommend him to absolutely anyone   interested in picking up guitar, young or old. 

​-Jonah Meister


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 When I first came to Brian for guitar lessons

my  plan was to learn from him and take what I

learned and teach it to my daughter Bethany.

After my first lesson I realized he was the

teacher for both of us and signed her up for

lessons too.  My goal from the start was to be

able to play with my friends who play

music and  Brian had me doing this within the

first month.  Brian makes the lessons fun and

at your pace  and is an excellent teacher.

-Dan Singleton

I like being able to play the songs that I like. Mr Fish is a nice teacher and he does

not get upset when you mess up. I think lessons are fun and I like being able to

play full songs. I look forward to coming to lessons every week.

-Jake Strano

When I started bass lessons I thought they would be hard but now I think

lessons are fun.

-Nathan Strano (age 7)