The Secret of Guitar Lessons

What makes good teaching good? We want to look at the biggest secret of good guitar lessons. But let's start with the elements that definitely make guitar lessons good.

# 1 Your teacher's experience.

Has your teacher taken others where you want to go? If so, then he has a method to help you move forward. Additional qualifications such as (current) certificates are good indicators of hard work and motivation, but what counts most are his other students.

# 2 Your teacher's ability to motivate you

Aside from the right path, your teacher should also be able to motivate you. This works best when you like your teacher, can relate to what he is saying and understand why you should do the exercises.

# 3 Your guitar

It's important that you have a guitar that fits you and is easy to play. Have them set-up by an expert at least once and take care of them regularly.

These are the basic requirements. If they are not in pace, it automatically becomes harder, if not impossible, to progress on the guitar and have fun doing it. But now we come to your secret weapon.

The best that guitar lessons can offer you is a piece of your identity.

Just by taking guitar lessons, you are proving to yourself that playing the guitar is important to you. You say that playing the guitar is so important to you that you want to regularly invest time of your life in building that skill. It doesn't have to be conscious knowledge, but it is definitely true.

The fact that part of your identity is now that of a guitar player, can help you find motivation to practice. It can also allow you to have bigger dreams and it also shows you that your big dreams may not be as unreachable as they seem. This also includes your commitment. The more you put in, the more you'll get out.

In other words, the secret to good guitar lessons is yourself.


About the author: Rene Kerkdyk is teaching guitar lessons in Hildesheim, Germany. He loves to share his experience and stories about learning guitar.

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