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The big weakness I see when experienced guitar players come to my lessons - not organized practice schedule. The result - strong skills in one areas, weak skills or complete beginner in other areas.

In some cases it’s even worst because the person don’t practice at all and just play the instrument. So the person don’t progress as fast as he or she could. Here is the two main reasons:

You don’t know, how to do this

I found out, while teaching, that a lot of guitarists literally HAVE NO IDEA how to organize their practice and do it in the right way. Also, a lot of my students, who took lessons with other teachers, told me, that even though they were given the right materials in the right time, they lacked the organization and knowledge of  how to practice. And really, if you think, practice the most at home. The better you do this, the sooner you will get great results. If you have only a large amount of exercises to do, but you don’t know, when, how and how long to do them, you will probably have LOTS of difficulties while learning. So, take the time to find a person, who will help you not only with showing new exercises from lesson to a lesson, but who also can help you with organizing your practice in the most rational way. I also recommend you my article about how to practice on your guitar.

Having no teacher

As you might notice, through our discussion, we came to an idea, that having a good tutor will make your learning process much easier. Notice, that I said not just a tutor, but a good one! You don’t need a teacher, who will show you how to play an Am chord. You can find it on the internet yourself. There are some tasks, which a teacher must do besides just explaining the material. He should set up the process, choose the best format of learning, help to organize your practice time, teach you how to apply new skills, help with solving your difficulties, and much more. Finding a tutor like this for yourself or your kid is hard. There are just a few of them. And this is why there are not a lot of great guitarists. You may ask, how you can find a teacher like this? I wrote an article, “What questions you should ask guitar teacher before you start lessons with him”. It’s on my website. I think you might find it useful for you.

Author - Pavel Bocharov, Moscow

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