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Why You Don’t Get Good Results From Your Guitar Practice

Why You Aren’t Getting Good Results From Your Guitar Practice

 Have you been practicing guitar a lot but don’t feel like you are making much progress? This happens to a lot of guitarists, so you’re not alone. The main reasons why you don’t make much progress have little to do with a lack of time spent practicing. Here are various big reasons why you aren’t getting results from guitar practice, and how to turn things around for yourself:

 -You Don’t Have Very Specific Musical Goals

 Everything you want to achieve on guitar is a goal. The fastest way to achieve any goal is to understand exactly what skills you need to achieve it, then take action to attain all those skills. If you practice guitar without very specific musical goals, your practice time will mostly be wasted working on things that don’t make you a better player in any tangible way. The more specific you make your goals, the better you can understand what you need to learn to achieve them. For example, many guitarists have the goal of becoming a great lead guitar player. However, not a lot of them do and then they wonder what it takes to really become a great guitarist. What is a big factor for this? The vagueness of the goal. If instead, you determined all the main skills you need to “become a great lead guitarist”, you give yourself something tangible to achieve. This means a clear path can be determined to get from where you are now to that specific goal.

For best results, take lessons with an expert guitar teacher who is experienced in helping guitarists reach their goals.

 -You Lose Focus As You Practice

 Ever wonder why practicing for many hours a day hasn’t made you into the next Steve Vai already? This is why. Guitar practice is all about quality over quantity. When you practice for many hours at a time, it is very easy to lose focus of what you are doing (even if you are practicing all the right things in the right way… which many people aren’t).

This style of practice makes it easy to tune out while you play. For example, have you ever practiced guitar in front of the television, mindlessly running through a scale/chords/arpeggio pattern? This is very common, and is a perfect case of not focusing while practicing. Instead of doing this, schedule enough practice time so you can practice with total focus and get the maximum benefit from your time. Make sure that you practice with purpose, and you will get better results.

 -You Don’t Use A Practice Schedule

Finally, many guitar players do not practice with an effective schedule centered around helping them achieve their goals. Some don’t use a schedule at all and just practice whatever they feel like. You get the best results when you consistently use an effective guitar practice schedule.

 To make your guitar practice as effective as possible, take guitar lessons with a teacher who is experienced at getting results for his/her students. Working with a teacher helps you understand what skills you must improve to reach your goals. A great guitar teacher shows you not only what you need to learn, but how to practice it to improve quickly.

 Apply these 3 main concepts into your guitar practice and start enjoying the benefits of better results and faster progress!